Babycup - The little cup that's kind to baby teeth

Loved by parents, Babycup is perfectly sized for little one's hands and mouths. This multi-award-winning cup designed by a Mum and made in Britain encourages sipping which better for oral health and helps fine motor skills.

    • Superb age range – For 0-2.5 years+
    • 4m+ Sipping: for introducing small sips 4m+,
    • 6m+ Weaning: ideal first cup for drinking at weaning time 6m+,
    • Infants: Also suitable for cup-feeding infants – can be used to cup-feed expressed milk, avoiding the need for teats and bottles (please discuss with your healthcare professional) and for helping with milk-feeding during feeding challenges such as tongue-tie, cleft or latch problems.
    • Made in Britain
    • Pack contains four cups
    • 5.2cm tall
    • 50ml capacity
    • measurement markings in ml’s
    • Translucent so your child can see inside
    • Non-toxic
    • BPA free
    • Phthalates free
    • Durable 
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Steam steriliser safe