Rockit Baby Rocker

One giant sleep for baby kind! Rocks any stroller or pram wherever life takes you.

Does your little one wake up as soon as the pram stops moving? We have all been there! Baby is fast asleep and the second you stop moving the pram to enjoy your coffee, stop to chat with a friend passing or pay for your shopping - they are awake! 

Rockit will keep rocking the pram so you don't have to give you the freedom to keep your baby content and close by while freeing up your hands.

Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

  • Universal bracket - The Rockit attaches simply to most prams or strollers
  • Push-button start
  • Built-in 30 minute timer
  • Takes 4 AA batteries giving 60 hours of run time
  • Quiet motor with adjustable speed to give the perfect gentle rock for your child
  • Simply clicks into place when you need it

Not designed for use on bassinets or cots

60 hour battery life measured when Rockit was used vertically at the slowest speed. That’s an hour a day for 2 months.

Batteries not included