Tidy Tot Snack & Doodle

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Tidy Tot Snack & Doodle™ – the snack bags that think they’re a toy!

Well I never! Turn these these brightly coloured snack bags over to find a detachable water doodle mat and refillable water pen for hours of creative fun!  Durable, reusable and large enough to hold a packed lunch for even the hungriest of toddlers, the back of the water doodle mat also doubles as a food-safe place mat, providing an hygienic surface to eat from anywhere you go!

Each set includes 2 x reusable snack bags (1 x Large and 1 x Small) PLUS 2 x water doodle mats and a water pen.

Perfect for transporting food and snacks on days out, car journeys, eating out, or on holiday – all without the mess. This is a totally unique combination of snacking and creativity that both you and your little ones will love!

  • Reusable snack bags – perfect for sandwiches and snacks!
  • Each set contains 2 x reusable snack bags (1 x Large, 1 x Small)  PLUS 2 x detachable doodle mats and water pen for mess-free doodling fun
  • Multi-use; perfect for toddler snacks whilst out and about or as a pre-school or school snack or lunch bag
  • Ideal for sandwiches, fruit, vegetable sticks, sweet treats and so much more
  • An eco-friendly alternative to single-use clingfilm and plastic
  • Easy to clean, washable and re-usable! Simply turn inside out and wipe clean after each use
  • Handy carry handle, compact size and name tag makes it easy to take out and about
  • 100% food-safe lining, providing a hygienic surface to eat from
  • Made using non-toxic, phthalate-free, PVC-free and BPA-free material

    Our Tidy Tot Snack & Doodle™ reusable snack bags are high quality, durable and reusable. With a food-safe and waterproof lining, this makes them ideal to carry all sorts of foods, from sandwiches and wraps to fruit and snack bars. Snack & Doodle reusable snack bags are super easy to clean – simple turn inside out and wipe clean to remove any leftover food residue or crumbs.
    Don’t forget to fill up the water pen before heading out! Simply remove the cap, unscrew top of the pen and fill up with a small amount of water. Re-attach the lid and your little one is ready to start drawing on their doodle mat – all without the mess of the usual colouring and painting.
  • The reverse side of the water doodle mat provides a food safe and hygienic surface to eat from – great for park benches, picnics and cafe tables!

    The handy carry handle makes the Snack & Doodle™ reusable snack bags really convenient to take out and about – you can even write your little one’s name on the personalised tag label to make sure it never gets lost.